Recent Test Results of Security Software

With the increasing distribution of ransomware, it’s very important not only to back up all data, but to recognize the importance of protecting the backup files themselves—after all, the backups themselves could be erased by ransomware. Therefore, modern personal backup software must possess self-protection functions. This is especially important for personal products, because home users don’t usually have organized backup systems like large corporations and even small businesses do.

Comparative testing of 21 popular firewalls to check  the quality of protection from attacks, coming from inside the system. In the test we checked the protection on 64 specially developed utilities, checking the protection of processes from quitting, protection from standard outbound attacks, protection from non-standard leaks and protection from non-standard techniques of penetration inside the kernel-mode.

Nowadays parents and the government try hard to protect children from unwanted online content. That's why special filtration programs called “parental control software” are highly sought after. In this test we checked the effectiveness of popular programs filtering unwanted for children Internet sites. The results of this test should help parents choose the highest quality protection for their children surfing through the global network space.

Динамика изменения возможностей антивирусов по лечению активного зараженияIn this test we analyzed the ability of popular antivirus programs to treat active malware by statement  on October 2012 -- when a malicious program has been executed and installed on a computer and may be using various methods to prevent detection and removal by antivirus solutions.

 Time assessment for executing the antivirus operations by a group of usersWhen choosing a personal antivirus, protection quality is one of the main criteria. But if the results for some products are about the same by this factor, the user starts paying attention to the other characteristics of these products such as their productivity and usability.

Сравнение уровня самозащиты антивирусных программ Windows 7 x64 и x86In this test we examine the self-protection capabilities of TOP-20 most popular Internet Security antivirus products against 33 cases of possible malware attacks aimed to override or disrupt operation of the antivirus protection. This was the first time we tested the antivirus self-protection under Windows 7 x64.

Social engineering techniques make it easy to entice users to download and launch malicious programs as yet unknown by antivirus solutions. In such cases, in order to gain complete and uninterrupted control over the system, malicious programs search for an antivirus program, firewall or other protective solution in order to disrupt its operation.

Results of unwelcome web-sites blocking by English search queries for different search enginesOur test was the first in the world to check how really effective are these popular filters in protecting children from unwelcome websites. The test results can help parents to choose the best and most qualitative protection for their children familiarizing with the global network.

This third in a row test evaluates the ability of the most popular antivirus and anti-rootkit products to detect and remove malicious programs ("in-the-wild" samples) that use rootkit technologies and actively circulate over the Internet. The test gives us a good view of how antirootkit software copes with well-known rootkits.

Changes in active infection treatment capabilities of antivirus productsNowadays malicious programs increasingly use different rootkit technology to hide itself in a compromised system. This fact forces anti-virus software to evolve the detection methods of hidden objects. The purpose of this test is to show the ability of modern anti-virus software to neutralize rootkit-based malware.