Anti-Malware Test Lab and announce alliance

The renowned test labs Anti-Malware Test Lab and have agreed to establish a strategic partnership.

Andreas Clementi ( and Sergey Ilyin (Anti-Malware Test Lab)The alliance will allow the partners to become one of the most respected sources of objective and independent information about antivirus products and strengthen their position in the industry. It will also give independent tests and expert analyses more weight.

Within the framework of the alliance, Anti-Malware Test Lab and plan to create a unified set of antivirus software tests and to join forces in improving testing methodologies, assembling test collections and interpreting test results for the public.

Anti-Malware Test Lab and intend to create a unique system of integrated tests for antivirus solutions by the end of 2008. This signals a marked shift to a new level of software assessment, since users currently only have recourse to tests based on individual protection components.

"We are very pleased to have reached an alliance agreement with Our labs are the first to start the process of consolidating the work of the various independent centers that test information security products. I’m sure that our partnership will act as a driving force for the development of the industry as a whole," commented Sergey Ilyin, founder of Anti-Malware Test Lab.

"The partnership with Anti-Malware Test Lab will allow us to evaluate more aspects of antivirus software and to offer users a more comprehensive independent view of various security products. If the alliance prove itself to be valuable, we will consider collaboration with more test centers worldwide, though all of us will remain independent," said Andreas Clementi, the founder of

Anti-Malware Test Lab is an independent test laboratory. The test lab is a subsidiary of, an authoritative Russian analytical portal devoted to software products that provide protection against various types of malicious code. The laboratory is best known for its testing of active infection treatments, antivirus self-protection, as well as the effectiveness of anti-rootkit and proactive protection., founded by Andreas Clementi and located in Austria, is one of the most reputed and respected independent anti-virus software test labs in the world. The antivirus testing for on-demand and retrospective/proactive detection rate of malicious programs has earned it market-wide recognition. Other currently delivered tests cover false alarm rates, scan speed, polymorphic virus detection, etc.